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Using proven way to grow your franchise business.

We know how 'critical and challenging' it is to find and sign quality leads. Our hands-on experience with franchising has made us the experts at generating leads.

Vziom provides 'verified leads' to franchisors, franchise brokers and franchise consultants.

We are driven by software and strength of data. We use our data analytical abilities to provide laser focused digital marketing solutions and highly filtered/qualified exclusive franchise leads.

Generate High-Quality Leads at Scale

Key reasons why you should choose Vziom Franchise Leads

Easy Onboarding Process

Get started with your lead generation campaigns with just a few clicks.


We use our data analytical abilities to provide laser focused digital marketing solutions and highly filtered/qualified exclusive franchise buyer leads.

Lead exclusivity

A franchise buyer lead is being shared with one franchise client only.


Helping you with the process of lead nurturing & conversions and updating you about the latest trends.

Proven Verified Leads

All leads are manually verified & checked to understand the buyer's intent before sharing with our franchise clients.


You can cancel the monthly service at any time.

Market Your Business

Apart from running proven digital campaigns that highlight your franchise business to potential franchise buyers, we will also add your listings for FREE at our partner websites for more visibility.

Nurture And Revive Old Leads

Share us your Old Leads and we will reach out to each one via Emails, Texts, Interactive Ads and figure out which ones are ready to Buy, Sell or Meet You.

Help Center For Franchise Clients

Dedicated support center through phone & email to help you increase your conversion rates.

Our Work Process

At Vziom, we like to keep it simple. The less confusion you have, the better.
Same goes for your business and your customers. The more they understand,
there’s a better chance they’ll choose you to do business with.

Requirement Analysis

We understand the client’s requirements and analyze the short-term and long-term goals of your franchise business.

Identify Key Factors

After analyzing the requirements and goals, we identify the various factors on which a qualified lead will depend on for your franchise business.

Acquiring Visitors

Once the factors are identified, we use our methodologies to acquire like minded visitors and turn them into leads for our franchise business clients.

Turn Leads Into Candidates

Our highly experienced team interacts with each lead, understand their requirement and help them turn into potential candidates for our franchise business clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, all of the leads you get from Vziom are immediately delivered directly to you, and are yours and yours alone. We don’t force our clients to compete for leads, and we don’t like competing with ourselves. We only work with one provider in one vertical per geographic target to avoid confusion.

However, remember that you are still competing with your local competitors, as we can’t keep a lead from reaching out to multiple franchise consultants / franchise brokers / franchisors, so a speedy response and outstanding service is still needed!

We generally set the expectations of the lead delivery process to begin within 5 business days but our clients generally start getting leads much ahead of that.

Vziom Lead Generation is a catered service and the price fluctuates depending upon your choice of targeted place and budget.

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